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The extension provides API for reprocessible operations. The reprocessible operation
should represent a separate block of logic, usually a delegate of a method and be transactional.


DataObjects.Net 4.5 or later


1. Add reference to Xtensive.Orm.Reprocessing assembly or install it using NuGet


1. Simple reprocessible operation looks like this:

Domain.Execute(session =>
    // Task logic
2. There are 3 strategies that can be used for task execution:
- HandleReprocessibleException strategy
The strategy catches all reprocessible expections (deadlock and transaction serialization exceptions)
and makes another attempt to execute the task
- HandleUniqueConstraintViolation strategy
The same as previous one but also catches unique constraint violation exception
- NoReprocess strategy
No reprocessing is provided

To indicate that a particular strategy should be used, use the following syntax:

Domain.WithStrategy(new HandleReprocessExceptionStrategy())
      .Execute(session =>
            // Task logic
3. To omit setting up the strategy each time consider configuring it in
application configuration file, e.g.:

    <section name="Xtensive.Orm.Reprocessing" 
      type="Xtensive.Orm.Reprocessing.Configuration.ConfigurationSection, Xtensive.Orm.Reprocessing" />

    defaultExecuteStrategy="Xtensive.Orm.Reprocessing.HandleReprocessableExceptionStrategy, Xtensive.Orm.Reprocessing">
Having that done, in scenarios with no strategy specified, the extension will automatically use
the strategy from the configuration.

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DmitriMaximov Jul 10, 2012 at 9:26 AM 
Hello Morpheus1972,

Sorry for the delay, it seems that codeplex doesn't notify about any comments in documentation =(

For the entire list of parameters available for Strategy delegate I'd recommend you to take a look at IExecuteConfiguration interface.

Morpheus1972 May 1, 2012 at 12:29 PM 
Nice! Which parameters are available in the Strategy delegate? Is there any further documentation about this?